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                                   JiangYin HUGENAU Heat Exchange Equipment Co., Ltd has been devoted to innovation and development of energy comprehensive utilization technologies and has seized the leading position in this field

                                 Our factory covers an area of over 4,000 square meters.We have ISO9001、ISO14001、CE certification、UL certification.CCS(China Classification Society certification) and so on.  Our Mission is to help our customers to achieve the optimum solution with   regards to performance efficiency、 payback and energy conservation.

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                              ● HUGENAU

                              Hugenau has grown to one of the leading companies in China Plate heat exchanger market with a lot of service centers to provide you with "one-stop" service.

                              ● Profound responsibility

                              Today Hugenau applies productions in China ocean surveillance ship and fisheries administration ship,make us proudly declare: Hugenau heat exchanger and China will become strong and large together .

                              ● Professional excellence

                              Our flexible design to meet the various needs of different customers. Scientific software designed within the shortest time to provide you with a highly reliable, efficient heat transfer and lowest cost solution.

                              ● More choices

                              For applications with different fluid, temperature, pressure, and a variety of situation,Hugenau heat exchanger provides a variety of plates with different combinations and different materials, providing customers with a wide range of options.

                              ● we always accompany your side

                              When you start running the heat exchanger, our service does not stop, we provide spares for heat exchangers, for example plates, gasket, welded tubes, fin tubes. Heat exchanger maintain and repair.

                              ● "the pursuit of high quality" become possible

                              pursuit of high-quality is our consistent requirements, at the same time Hugenau pay more attention to energy conservation and environmental protection, so that all plate heat exchanger with the highest quality and environmental standards.